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Blair Logan sentenced to life imprisonment over fire murder

11 August 2017 News

A man who murdered his brother by setting fire to him has been ordered to spend at least 20 years in jail.

Cameron Logan, 23, died in the blaze in Milngavie, East Dunbartonshire, and his girlfriend Rebecca Williams, 25, was seriously injured.

Last month, Blair Logan, 27, admitted murdering his brother and attempting to murder Ms Williams at the family home.

He said he doused his sibling in petrol and set him alight but did not mean to kill him.

At the High Court in Edinburgh, he was given a life sentence with a minimum jail term of 20 years before he can be considered for parole.

An earlier hearing was told that the brothers had a “hostile” relationship and had not spoken to each other since 2013.

In a letter read to the court, his parents said they found it “extremely difficult to reconcile the Blair that they know with the Blair that caused Cameron’s death”.

Both parents were in the court room in Edinburgh, along with Ms Williams and her family, as the sentence was passed by Lady Scott.

She said Cameron was a “happy and much loved young man” who had died a “horrible death” and that Logan “acted with wicked recklessness”.

The judge accepted court reports that he had “abnormal personality traits” and features of autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

But she said there was no suggestion that Logan had a mental disorder and he was fully criminally responsible for his actions.

“Your motivation was malice,” she said. “You had planned this attack for a considerable time.”

‘Truly terrible injuries’

Lady Scott said Logan’s actions had also dramatically affected the life of Ms Williams, who sustained “truly terrible injuries”, and his parents.

“At the time Miss Williams was employed in her dream job in radio broadcasting – you have robbed her of her voice and her career, of her future with Cameron and of her confidence and sense of self-worth. She remains disfigured, impaired and in pain,” she added.

“Your act in setting this fire also endangered the lives of your own parents who were asleep upstairs. I cannot imagine the pain they will forever endure from what you did, losing in effect both their sons.”




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